Welcome to our new Updates Page.

We've made heaps of changes to our operation in the last week, with some changes all in the same day.

We're now at a point where, going forward, our adjusted business model will keep adjusting and keep serving the community.

As the need arises, we'll make additional changes, but for now, we've changed to a 100% Takeaway Model, and adjusted our

Operating Hours.  Check our Facebook Page for the latest info.

Come down and order, or Call 02 6921 6508 to order ahead.   There's plenty of space at the store to give yourself the room you need.

Our staff are always super clean, especially in the food industry, but now, even more we've deployed extra steps to maintain distance

between staff and customers sanitary transfers of items to customers and regularly monitoring of situations that may contravene

social guidelines.   

We're humbled to be able to continue to operate, where others are unable to, and for us, we believe we have a duty to provide 

support where possible right across the community.

Firstly, that's making sure we employ as many of our staff as possible, and use as many local suppliers as possible.

We're also pretty dynamic, so we're looking at any other way we can offer new services to our customers and create new jobs.

Our online ordering is being setup (a few IT challenges we have to overcome) so looking to make it easier for our customers, and our 

Delivery Model is being developed to try and use our own staff as well as create more demand and hopefully more drivers.

In this crazy climate we just want to keep the money flowing through the community.    We also see a need in the very near future 

for a lot more support to those that may find themselves in even more difficult times, either financially, physically or mentally, especially in the weeks to come.  Remember, it's no longer R U OK Day..   This is R U OK YEAR.

We don't know what the next 2, 4 or 6 weeks will look like, but there's every expectation it will be difficult for some.... many.

We at CAVE and Crowley's and the whole Crowley extended Family are always thinking of ways to give back and provide support 

where it's needed.    Watch this space..  when things get difficult, we get creative. 

Stick with us folks, because every time you spend a $ with our operation, know it's going to where it's needed most. Local People and Businesses, and our long term view to provide the support we think people will need very soon.

You guys are amazing..   our customers and extended family are super damn awesome.  

Stay Smiling, Stay Safe, Stay 1.8m Away.