Hi Folks, 

We're open and we're operating as "business as usual" as possible.

That said, we are a "COVID SAFE" business and have implemented a number of safeguards and legal requirements

into our operation.

Please sign in either Manually or via our QR Code at the front of the premises.

One registration per person is now legally required, including the date, time, full name and either email or mobile number.

For all Takeaways or Bookings head straight to the crew at the bar and they'll take care of you.

We are able to take bookings of up to 30 people as of Friday 23rd October.

However we still require patrons to be seated at all times, unless moving to the bar to order, collect items, or moving to the bathrooms.

Plenty of sanitisers around the premises, plus a number of hand wash stations throughout the bathroom area.

Other than that, we're as business as usual as possible.

Come on in, have some fun, and be safe doing it.



Cheers..    The Cave Crew.